Come and explore the truly spectacular stories, tastes and experiences of the city.
Make the most of your visit.

Jerusalem is a city with a story to tell...

I am here to help you explore the sites and beauty that Jerusalem has to offer, and my hope is you’ll come away with more then a better understanding of our unique city, but also a deeper understanding of its energy and vitality.

You are invited to a fun and intelligent Jerusalem walking tour, where you’ll discover its local culture, rich history, exceptional architecture and delicious Mediterranean food.

About your tour guide, Gilli:

Growing up in Jerusalem, I was not so aware of its importance and mystery. To me It was just – home. It was only after being away for a few years that I started looking at it with different eyes.

I want you to see Jerusalem through the eyes of a local, tasting experiences from the entire “adventure buffet” - from cozy intimate places to the essential historical sites.

You’ll encounter many surprises like: An Ethiopian village on the roof of a church, a bottom of secret water well, and a 19th century colonial Austro-Hungarian beer garden in the middle of the Muslim quarter, and much more.

My promise: I will keep things interesting, relevant, and ultimately fun and vibrant, so you can hopefully have a day to remember as a special life experience.

Summer 2019: 

Classic Jerusalem Day tour

If your are on a short trip and have 3 free hours (4-5 even better) this is the tour for you. You will get maximize your time and see all the big sites along with a few carefully curated intimate sites...



Advanced Jerusalem Half day tour

In this walking tour we will go to the places less traveled, go behind closed doors and go deeper into the understanding of Jerusalem's role on the world stage... 



Personal Day tour

Do you want advice on how to plan your Jerusalem tour? Do you want to know how long a visit to the Holocaust museum is? Are you interested in Judaism? 1948 war? Architecture? Street food?



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